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Birthday Themes

Picking a birthday party theme for kids is one of the
most fun aspects of party planning! With so many
options out there, it can be challenging for you and
your birthday child to make a decision. If this is a
dilemma you have faced, look no further! Hosting
a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese makes this
process easy.

Chuck E. jumping for joy

Chuck E. Theme

If your child loves Chuck E., make your next party a Chuck E. theme. All of the birthday party packages we offer include a Chuck E. theme, to take the hassle out of your party planning. The Chuck E. theme includes assorted Chuck E. helium balloons, a themed table cloth, paper plates, utensils, and 2 slices of 1-topping pizza and drinks per child.

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Just gather your guests, and kick back and relax at your little one's favorite restaurant, with a theme set to match.

Your party coordinator will take care of the rest, setting up your Chuck E. Cheese theme party decorations for you! This is the party theme offered upon booking, but you are welcome to bring in your own DIY fun party themes, should you prefer.

Employee bringing kids pizza

Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

DIY Themes for Birthday Parties

If your child is set on a different birthday theme, that is totally ok too! Guests are welcome to bring in their own additional decorations to bring a specific birthday party theme to life. Whether its robots or sports, mermaids, aliens, superheroes, firefighters, puppies or dinosaurs, your little one's favorite things can come to life at Chuck E. Cheese. In order to choose a theme for a birthday party that will inspire smiles and imaginative play, just talk to your child about what he or she is interested in, consider how they spend their downtime, what they color or draw, what they talk about and how they play with their friends. It will all inform the party plan - and make your little one's celebration one to remember.

DIY Fairy/ Princess Party Theme

For your magical or princess loving child, a DIY fairy or princess party theme is sure to be a huge success! All you need is to bring in additional DIY supplies to transform your party table into something out of a storybook. Bring in supplies that will make their party a real life fairy tale! Decorate the table to match all of your child’s favorite colors. Add streamers to the back of their chairs, and bring flowers or balloon bouquets into the store to make the table setting extra special. For added fun, give each guest a tiara or crown, jewelry and a sparkling scepter, or wings and encourage them to arrive in their most regal party dresses or outfit. Before dessert, give your party coordinator a special cake topper featuring your child's favorite princess or fairy, so even your birthday cake matches your party theme.

DIY Superhero Party Theme

Decorate the table with tablecloths, napkins and streamers that match your birthday party theme, then attach colorful capes to the backs of each chair. Make sure they're easy to remove so that your guests can wear them during the party, then take them home. Once settled, give each child the chance to tell everyone at the table about what kind of superhero they'd like to be, and what type of powers they'd like to have - and see where their imaginations take them. Instead of cake, serve cupcakes decorated with a wide variety of action figures (which your guests can also take home as party favors).

DIY Pink Birthday Party Decorations

If you are looking for an easy party theme idea for girls, a pink birthday party is sure to be a hit! Dress your dining tables in a variety of shades of your child's favorite color of pink, and top the tables with small bouquets of matching pink flowers that your guests can take home after the party. Encourage your guests to wear their favorite pink clothes, and give them each a themed pink flower crown or headband to wear during and after the party.

DIY Basketball Sports Party Theme

Sports party themes are always popular - and for good reason: they're fun, and easy to execute. Just dress the table in the colors of your child's favorite team, then lay sports pennants flat atop the table (make sure to have enough pennants for each of your guests to take one home). For party favors, give each child a team t-shirt, or have custom printed team shirts featuring your child's last name and age. After lunch, continue your party's theme by asking your guests some kid-friendly sports trivia questions, and giving them plenty of time to play.

DIY Rock Star Party Theme

Invite your guests to join you for a "rockin' good time" at Chuck E. Cheese. Ask them all to come the party dressed like a pop star, top your tables in colorful tablecloths, and give each of your guests party favors that match your theme - like temporary tattoos, special stickers, microphones, colorful clip-in hair extensions, guitar picks, and more.

Birthday themes give you a simple, easy way to pull your child’s party together- and can help inform your guests’ gift giving. Whether your birthday child loves princesses, superheroes, sports, rock ‘n’ roll, or Chuck E., himself, you’ll find there are endless creative, fun ideas online that can help make hosting a party at Chuck E. Cheese fun!